Update #2, 0/11/2021: Receipt by Met Police acknowledged and request for assessment now with Special Enquiries Team

Update #1, 01/11/2021: No blue tick support, so sent in my own name, because someone has to. A few small typos and grammar bits sorted, but basically sent as drafted.

In keeping with…

There is a certain predictability about how the right will interpret the reaction to Amazon’s plan for upfront payments to the workers it will then exploit at a minimum wage.

Here’s the one line version, but we can expect to see it in full column form by tomorrow morning.

It’s World Mental Health Day, and this is what I have to say alcoholism, depression, anxiety and and power. People may take offence. It is not intended. I say that sincerely. Being able to state that is an acknowledgement that my own power is greater than that of many others.

Paul Cotterill

Secretary General, Habermasian Labour (UK). Indefatigably focused on the promotion of ethical discourse in the public sphere, except when there's cricket.

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